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Supplier of equipment from reliable manufacturers and provider of solutions to specific technical problems Supplier of equipment from reliable manufacturers and provider of solutions to specific technical problems...

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About company

The company has been established in Blegny (Liege), Belgium in 1998. We have partners especially in East Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia to provide a package of equipment to avoid users to look for many suppliers.

We use a long experience in supply of equipment from reliable manufacturers and provide solutions to specific technical problems.

We are not bound to specific manufacturers, the try to bring the most attractive solution to customer requirements.

We provide especially fluid control equipment, as well for water, gas and as steam but also some process equipment for food industries.

In steam systems, we can recommend equipment for saving energy.

Starting in the boiler house, with the recovery of energy from the blowdown, then with the deaerator where, on feed water the oxygen values can be reduced to less than 1.6 mg/l

A proper selection of steam traps, the recovery of condensate or the heat of flash steam, in addition to a proper insulation are other sources to improve the efficient use of steam.

We are able to help you in the following areas:

  • A wide supply range of pipeline products, such as Ball ValvesCheck Valves, Control Valves with Pneumatic or Electric Actuator, Gate ValvesGlobe Valves,Instrumentation Valves and fittingsJacketed Ball ValvesStrainers, Steam Traps,  and more ...
  • Providing you with precision measurement products, such as Pressure & Temperature GaugesDifferential Pressure GaugesThermowells and more ...
  • Providing you equipment for boiler house, such as Blowdown Vessel, Deaerator Head, Level Indicators, Blowdown Valves and more…
  • Providing you equipment for food industry, such as Jacket Kettle, Sterilizer, and more…
  • Providing you energy saving equipment, such as Insulation  Covers,  Leak Detectors, and more…